Pasture Raised Chickens – Thorpe Farms

Thorpe Farms cares about the overall health of our chickens.

All of our chickens are raised:

  • free range
  • pasture raised
  • drug free
  • antibiotic free
  • growth hormone free
  • and raised on fresh GMO-free pasture, organically grown grains & feed

You can order whole chickens with a $10 deposit per bird, with the final price based on their exact weight.  The balance is due on pickup or delivery.  Each chicken is around 4 to 8 pounds when packaged, and can be ordered whole or halved. Order Now

The Cackellac

Chickens Being Chickens

At Thorpe Farms we believe in ethically and naturally raising our meat. All of our chickens are raised in a moveable shed, called the Cackellac. This building is raised and moved daily, allowing the birds to come and go as they please, to chase bugs or to just lounge around in the tall grass. The chickens are then ushered in at dusk to keep them safe from predatory animals.

We believe that a happy, stress free chicken is a must. Our chickens are pasture raised, not caged, are not overcrowded and able to roam, making them generally less stressed. Pasture raised animals make better tasting, higher protein, vitamin enriched meat. We believe that keeping our chickens as stress-free as possible means that their meat is safer, healthier, more nutritious… and more delicious!  Order Now

Treated with care and kindness

Thorpe Farms – Pasture Raised Chickens

Besides being free range, there are a number of ways we treat our chickens better than anyone:

  • We never clip the chickens’ beaks or wings.  These are practices that many commercial growers use when chickens are caged or overcrowded, to prevent them from harming each other.
  • Our chickens live outside, free to roam, scratch in the grass and eat bugs.  This gives them an even more healthy and natural lifestyle.

We pasture raise our chickens. Our chickens actively graze on vitamin and protein rich pasture – hunting for seeds, insects, while fertilizing our fields.

  • And when we have to handle the chickens, we take great care to handle them as humanely as we possibly can.

We make sure their health and nutrition is as natural as possible too. All of our chickens are government inspected and are processed in a family run processing butcher shop.

We are licensed with quota under the Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) and adhere to the strict guidelines and regulations required. Providing consumers with a traceable government audited and inspected product.

Note: Chickens are not available until the end of the month.

Chicken – 5.00/lb

Chickens can be cut into pieces – 2x breasts, 2 thighs, 2x legs, 2 x wings for $1.00/cut extra= $8.00 + cost of bird

Note: Fresh whole chicken pick up, orders need to be in by noon on Thursday