The bees are always buzzing!

Thorpe Farms – Fresh Honey

Many years ago we partnered with a professional beekeeper, Bob Bird, who approached us looking for pesticide free land that was far enough from cash crops like corn and soya beans to provide a safe environment for natures little pollinators. Bob lives less than two kilometers from our farm on the same road. He has been keeping bees over 20 years and has mentored many interested locals in the farming of honey and is well respected in the community.

We only jar pure honey from this farm, no blending or added artificial sugars which sadly are common place in the commercial brands. As a result from year to year and from spring to fall there are various shades of honey that the bee’s produce based on the flowers that are in season. Lighter honey in the spring thanks to dandelions and buttercups and the fall harvest is slightly darker once the clovers and daisies are in season. The final product is spun from the honey boxes filtered and jarred. The result is pure and delicious.

Honey is available in 500ml and 1KG. Larger quantities can be made available upon request.