Our Story

It happened almost by accident… our start in farming that is. We had grown tired by the taste and quality of store bought meat. We wanted something different. Something new, tasty and full of flavour.

We bought our first chunk of land in 2008, convinced we could and would make a difference, we purchased our first chickens, lambs and cows. These city folk were going to make this work. We traveled daily from the city to “our paradise” to raise these animals happy, healthy and free from antibiotics and chemicals. We worked effortlessly to do all we could, learning as we went. Who knew what a chicken sounded like when it laid an egg, or that sheep could be such escape artists (and run 10kms down the road, without a trace! Thank goodness for the local police!)

By the end of the year, we had raised our own food. We had grown it ourselves… ethically, stress free, no hormones, no antibiotics. The rewards we shared that first year with our family and friends was amazing!

Fast forward 10 years: the journey has not been an easy one, but well worth it. Cory has had to quit his city job to tend the animals full time. My shift work has been a god sent for midnight feedings and long delayed births. We have worked effortlessly and by trial and error have managed to increase our compliment to include, lambs, chickens, and turkeys. All of our animals are raised ethically and loved from day one. They are all hand-raised and produced in small batches, producing a superior product. They are raised in a stress free environment producing a tastier, higher quality product.