Pasture-Raised Lamb

Our young Ontario lambs are raised on free-range pasture, and like all of our animals, are treated with love and kindness providing them with a stress-free life.

The flock is raised on rotational, no-spray grasslands, where they roam all spring, summer and fall, enjoying the many apple trees found along the fence line.   Over the winter, they eat 100% non-GMO grass and hay, cut from the same naturally-grown pastures.

They are raised without antibiotics or any other drugs or growth promoters.  Just all-natural, free-range lamb.

All of our lambs are naturally weaned. Larger operations remove the lamb from the mother after several weeks, depriving them of the mother’s milk when they most need it. Our moms decide when the milk truck is over, normally at 3-4 months of age.

Our lamb is drug-free, antibiotic-free, raised on GMO-free & spray-free grass and hay, and with zero animal-product feeds.

Thorpe Farms - Roasted lamb chops on tomato sauce garnished with vegetables and basil

Thorpe Farms – Roasted lamb chops on tomato sauce garnished with vegetables and basil

The young meat is dry-aged for extra tenderness and to develop maximum flavour.  It is processed at a regulated, government inspected and family-owned local butcher shop, and is hand-butchered into individually vacuum-sealed cuts.

We offer our lamb as a side, or whole lamb, butchered into personalized cuts for your freezer.

You can choose a whole or half lamb — a deposit is required to secure your order and the balance is due on delivery.  The final price is based on the dressed weight / hanging side weight of your lamb:

  • Whole lamb:  about 40-45 lbs — $12.00/pound dressed weight
  • Half lamb: about 18-25 lbs — $13.50/pound dressed weight

NOTE: A limited number of cuts may be available at certain times based on livestock availability – pricing varies on cuts. Email or contact us for more information.

The above weights are based on the average dressed weight of a lamb, which means the initial hanging weight of the sides before dry-aging and butchering.  The total weight of your lamb cuts will be approximately 75% of the dressed weight, after butchering into individual cuts and removal of unnecessary bone and fat.  Your order balance will be based on the actual dressed weight of your particular lamb.

A typical side of lamb will yield approximately:

  • 2 lbs rack of lamb
  • 2 lbs loin
  • 4-5 lbs leg roasts
  • 3 lbs shoulder
  • 4 lbs ground lamb

Lamb is available to you fresh or frozen and can be packaged individually in vacuum-sealed or brown paper.

Deposit for your lamb order

Half Lamb: $50.00
Whole Lamb: $100.00