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     First let me reiterate that this has been quite a journey. From the initial idea way back in the fall of 2019, to sector team meetings during the first covid lockdown in 2020 and onto town hall meetings with the publics input and support in 2021.
We as a community have all done an amazing job pulling together the resources and people to put a federally inspected abattoir on the map in L&A county! This truly has been a team effort from all sides and thank you to everyone that has played a part, we are making this happen in 2022.
     Today I am very pleased to announce that we have signed an Agreement of purchase and sale for a piece of land for our new abattoir and processing facility. The agreement has been approved by Napanee town council to sell 10.75 acres of industrial commercial land to Ontario corporation 2865353 which will be known as ThorpeMeats. The land in question is located on Circuit Rider Drive, in the Richmond Industrial park, east of 41 Hwy and south of Goodyear road accessed from Kimmetts side road. The land is zoned correctly, has natural gas, three phase power, town water and sewer services. Presently there is an asphalt road for the first three hundred feet in front of our lot but eventually once the business park is developed we will enjoy road frontage on three sides. The combination of the Lot being heavily wooded and our three sides of frontage will afford the facility a buffer zone and a more humane and ethical environment for both the livestock and potential neighbours.
    Since the town hall meetings in July of 2021 the originally design and capacity of the proposed plant has been re-shaped and critiqued. Following extensive conversations with producers it quickly became apparent that size did matter. Questions arose around future capacity and to afford this plant the opportunity to grow with the region and grow producers revenues we needed to consider expandability even before we started building. We spent significant time and resources diving into the potential growth in the food industry including trends and consumer demands. In the end it doesn’t make business sense to invest significant funds and effort into something that will eventually be at capacity and be unable to service the region effectively, whether that happens in two years, ten years or twenty years. That being said we have designed a completely expandable processing plant, carefully thought out from front to back and able to grow with market demand, positioned to eliminate wait times for producer servicing. One of our main focuses was producer wait times. Farmers won’t produce more if there isn’t reliable, timely and consistent processing…. This facility will meet current demand and will have capacity moving forward including a plan in place at conception to expand into the foreseeable future. Securing this investment and infrastructure will pave the way for future generations to benefit from and give producers the avenue to grow their operations, including succession plans.
       Although we have spent significant time planning and preparing for our new abattoir the work needs to continue. Now that we have an approved site to build, we need to address the next steps as a community to get the doors open. As mentioned above we have registered a corporation with the provincial government. The corporation is listed as the buyer of the land and will be the owner of the finished facility. The process of incorporation also required us to generate rules and document terms of operations. We had to write articles of incorporation, identify share classes and apply terms and conditions for each share class. All of this work has been done through a lawyer and continues presently. Currently we are drafting a “Terms Sheet” and an accompanying NDA (non-disclosure-agreement) that will be sent by email to everyone who has expressed interest in financially backing this project. Those emails can be expected the first couple weeks of March. Once the potential investors have returned their signed terms sheet and NDA a complete thirty-six month operating budget and updated BusinessPlan will be released for consideration. At this point, should an investor be interested, the next step would be to coordinate with the corporations lawyer to facilitate the purchase of shares. There are various share classes with differing terms in an attempt to satisfy numerous investor strategies. Furthermore, there will be a limited number of shares offered in each class and we encourage anyone to take part. Please,  if you have expressed interest in the past and you don’t see an email by mid-March or you want to make sure you receive an information package, reach out to add your name to the list by contacting us directly.
      Finally, this has been a tedious and sometimes maddening undertaking but the end result will be amazing. The core issue of abattoir servicing has been in the spot light for many years in this area. Many conversations, Zoom meetings and emails for the past decade have been focused on and in the minds of both producers and consumers. These past couple of years a dedicated team of like minded individuals have planned and focused significant energy towards this project and shaped both the design and capabilities with a common goal in mind. This will be a state of the art full service federally inspected plant, with no minimum number of animal requirements. Offering both red meat and poultry processing of all domesticated farm animals. Our primary goal is to reduce dispatching wait times and to build future capacity for community growth. We sincerely look forward to your continued support and are very excited for the opportunity to serve this community.
Thank you,
Cory Priest